Prenatal Yoga

This course is created to offer a chance to build a community of moms, share in the experience of being pregnant, and learn valuable tools to use during pregnancy and labor. After the first class, as a pregnant woman begins to focus awareness back into her physical body, there is a sense of power and complete relaxation – from the outside in. Mom finds a deeper connection to her body and breath, to the present moment, and, most importantly, to her baby.

The course will go through physical yoga postures, mental techniques with meditation and mindfulness, and breath work to help support your body through the changes during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. The asana, or physical postures, help to build strength and stamina, improve circulation, regulate breathing, open energy channels and harmonize the triadic relationship and functioning of the body, mind and breath. As mothers stretch, they will learn to relax naturally, and begin to trust the innate wisdom within – making it easier to surrender into places that feel tight, out of balance or even foreign. For the mother-to-be, this surrender will prove invaluable from delivery day forward.

Bethany Henderson, who is a registered prenatal teacher and EYRT 200 registered yoga teacher, will guide you through this 5 week course in Prenatal Yoga. You can read more about Bethany here.

Course Info:

5 Weeks, 90 Minute Classes

Sundays 15.30-17.00

Your investment: 995 kr

To reserve your place, or ask questions about the course, email Bethany at