Woman doing yoga by the beach

A newbies understanding of yoga

Dear Yogis,

This will be my last blog post and I’m sad to say that my work here has come to an end. It’s been 10 wonderful weeks which have gone by so fast! I hope you enjoyed the blog posts and maybe even learned new things and/or got inspired to try out some of the tips. 

However, I will not leave you yogis without one last informative blog post. 

This last blog will be about how I have come to understand this ancient, yet so lovely practice, called yoga. From a newbie to a yogi!

Women doing yoga at the beach
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My understanding of yoga is that it’s a process. It’s active. It’s the way you engage with the world to create harmony. Yoga is how we participate and create relationships.

When we engage, we change how the situation unfolds. Instead of things simply happening to us, we become an active participant. We exercise our agency, the ability to act. Yoga is the process we can engage in to understand our body, the way it moves and the way we use it. We can engage with our mind and understand it, where it habitually goes and how to focus it. And we can work with our emotions and notice how we tend to react. 

Yoga is something we do, to connect and engage with the world and it takes our entire mind/body attention. It’s is a lifestyle.

Yoga is love. Love for oneself and love for others. 

Woman doing heart shape with her hands by the beach
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I wish to extend a big thank you to the Yoga Roots crew. And a special thanks to Bethany! Thank you for all your support, guidance, patience and kindness. I had a blast and enjoyed every single part of my internship.

Thank you for all your love and support! Happy weekend and Namaste yogis. Love, Shirin.