About Us

Welcome to Yoga Roots Malmö

We offer a variety of classes – focusing mainly on vinyasa and aerial yoga, and balanced by yin yoga classes. We are also one of the only studios in Sweden to offer Aerial Yoga classes, events and trainings. Our studio offers a full body & mind wellness experience – where you can sweat one day, and then relax and rejuvenate on another. We are the only fully English speaking studio in Skåne and offer classes 7 days a week in Central Malmö, located behind central station. In addition to our weekly schedule we offer: Specialised courses & teacher trainingsCompany classes, lectures & team-building; One-on-one sessions and bachelorette parties

We are the only fully English speaking studio in Skåne and offer classes 7 days a week in Central Malmö.

Our crew and teachers are a beautiful, vivid mixture of cultures and backgrounds and we are so proud to be the only purely international yoga studio in Skåne.  All classes are led in English. Are you an expat or an international yogi looking for a second home? We hope you find a home in our international community here!

Everyone is welcome at the studio – no matter your experience or background. Warm welcome to our studio space.

Meet the team

Yoga Roots is a female led yoga studio in central Malmö. Our two owners, Bethany and Lina, are wellness entrepreneurs with different backgrounds which come together to create an international and modern yoga community for our students in Malmö. Yoga Roots was founded in part by Bethany in 2016, and she started the foundation of our internationally focused studio in a small space in central Malmö. Over the next 4 years she grew Yoga Roots to expand to a new location and welcome Aerial Yoga into the class profile. Yoga Roots is still one of the few studios in Sweden which offers aerial yoga classes. In 2020, Lina teamed up with Bethany, bringing her teaching experiences, and incredible teacher training to Roots. Lina was a pivotal force in bringing Roots to our newest location at STUDIO Malmö

Lina and Bethany

Together, Bethany and Lina plan to continue to grow our Roots community, expand the offerings to company wellness initiatives, as well as doing different collaborations to serve the community and society as a whole with their individual and combined expertise. Read more about Bethany and Lina, along with our talented teaching team, below.

Our teachers