Company Yoga


company yogaIn today’s stressed and high-paced workplace, the benefits of yoga become increasingly apparent. As employees we tend to work long hours, hunched over a computer. We often stay “glued” to our desks and are sometimes too busy to take a break. We may even fall into the trap of eating lunch at our desk. These habits can eventually lead to increased stress, tension, muscle fatigue and sickness. So what can we do? Our answer is yoga.

“I worked for years in a high-stress corporate job. What enabled me to stay healthy, focused and productive was my consistent yoga practice. The yoga techniques I learned not only improved my physical well-being, but also provided mindfulness and breathing tools for work.” – Bethany Kokaia 

Not convinced yet? Here are a few ways company yoga can help at your office:

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improve concentration and mental focus
  • Increase energy
  • Develop breathing techniques to better handle deadlines and pressure
  • Maintain and build muscle strength and flexibility
  • Correct posture
  • Improve overall happiness at work
  • Improve overall health and decrease number of sick days


Yoga is a TAX FREE expense for the company! According to the Skatteverket (Sweden) website, “The employer can give their employees the opportunity to train various types of exercise and wellness in the workplace, as well as in specific locations as the gym, the wellness companies, and other sports facilities alike. These health and wellness activities are tax free for the company.”

So why not offer company yoga classes to your employees as a tax-free health and wellness benefit? More info here.


  • Classes taught by qualified instructors: Lina Lindahl & Bethany Kokaia
  • Classes held at our studio or your business – yoga can be practiced in any quiet space (i.e. meeting room, lunchroom, empty office)
  • Programs customized specifically for your company and employee’s needs
  • Classes designed from a unique perspective: experience working long hours in a competitive corporate industry
  • All you need is a yoga mat or towel to practice on!


Short on time? Need to keep up your health goals? Let us bring the company yoga class to your office! Private group classes uniquely designed for your company, group, team or private event. Classes designed to reduce stress, increase mindfulness and productivity. Contact for more information and scheduling here: