Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 25 Hours Spring 2021


Join us in this unique teacher training in aerial yoga. Whether you are already a yoga teacher looking to expand your teaching resume, or an aerial student looking to deepen your practice – this 25 hour training is for you. In 2021 we are expanding the teachers training with two new modules – read more about these exciting modules below. At Yoga Roots we are truly proud to say that we offer the only aerial yoga teacher training in Sweden! Join us in Malmö for your teacher training and learn the tools to lead aerial yoga classes anywhere in the world! 

The training is led by Bethany Kokaia, the founder and co-owner of Yoga Roots Malmö, who brought aerial yoga to the Malmö region with the expansion of Yoga Roots in 2018. She is an experienced teacher trainer who will be leading her third aerial teacher training group this Spring at Yoga Roots. Bethany is an American, living in Sweden since 2013 and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She holds a 200h yoga certification, and specialised training in aerial, yin, prenatal and postnatal yoga. She is one of the invited teachers to represent Malmö leading classes at the Nordic Yoga Conference – Yoga Games – each year, and we are so excited for her to hold another aerial teacher training with us in 2021. 

We are expanding the aerial yoga schedule in 2021 and are looking for new teachers to join our team! Are you our next aerial yoga teacher? 

Read below for all the details you need to know! 

A truly amazing experience I’ll remember and come back to in mind for a long time. Namaste.

Aerial TT, 2020

Aerial Yoga Training Spring 2021

25 Hour Training Dates:
  • Weekend One: 10-11 April 2021
  • Weekend Two: 25 April 2021 
  • 9.00 – 17.00 daily

Additional Teaching Modules*: 7 TRAINING HOURS
  • Module 1: Safe Sequencing (24 April 2021, 9:00 – 12.30)
  • Module 2: Leading with Confidence (24 April 2021, 13:30 – 17.00)

(*required if you want to teach and don’t hold a 200h YTT, but recommended for all new aerial teachers)

The training is semi-private with limited number of students accepted each year.

The aerial yoga teacher training 25-hour program is both for students looking to deepen their aerial yoga practice, and for those looking to become an aerial yoga teacher. You do not need to have a teaching background, but a background in yoga, Pilates or dance is recommended.

For Yoga Teachers

Expand your teaching portfolio and become certified in this unique style of yoga at one of the only aerial yoga studios in Sweden. 

Learn the tools to not only lead an aerial yoga class, but also advance your own teaching voice and style, fine-tune your skills as a teacher and take the time for self-development and introspection.

For Experienced Aerial Students

Advance your aerial yoga practice. Learn the postures in detail and discover a new appreciation for the aerial practice. Find the confidence to take your aerial practice to a home practice, and learn safe rigging techniques* to practice in and out of the studio. 

This training is a perfect way for a yoga student to create an even deeper relationship with their practice. 
* not installation

25-hour Aerial Yoga Program Includes:
Aerial Yoga Postures:
  • Deepen your practice and understanding of aerial postures.
  • Learn basic aerial yoga postures and how to teach them confidently.
  • Learn to clearly communicate how to get in and out of postures, transitions and inversions.
  • Learn basic aerial yoga postures and how to teach them confidently.
  • Learn how to structure and sequence an aerial yoga class (new expanded module in 2021 – see separate information).
  • Examples of aerial yoga sequences are provided in the manual.
  • Basic anatomy and benefits of aerial yoga.
  • Contraindications of aerial yoga and discussion about modifications for different circumstances such as injuries, pregnancy, dizziness, joint pain, back issues etc.
  • Safety and rigging of aerial hammocks indoors.
  • Learn how to safely lead a mixed level aerial class.
  • Learn how to help beginners get in and out of inversions safely.
  • Information about rigging techniques outside the studio.
  • Verbal, Visual & Manual Adjustments (new expanded module in 2021 – see separate information).
  • Learn tips and techniques for teaching clearly, and communicating in a way to keep your students safe and confident in their aerial yoga practice.
Aerial Yoga Manual:
  • You will receive a manual with the different yoga postures and sequences with photos of each posture. Safety information and information to help you start leading an aerial yoga class.
Opportunities to teach Aerial yoga after the training:
  • We are looking for new aerial yoga teachers! Have the opportunity to join the Yoga Roots team as an aerial teacher in 2021.

The training was so much fun; challenging but am excellent opportunity to grow, both mentally and physically.

Aerial TT, 2020
Your Investment*:

7.999 SEK for 25 Hour Aerial Teacher Training

9.599 SEK for complete training with the two additional modules (7 additional training hours), or book separately for 995 SEK per module. 

Early bird offer: Book before 31 January 2021 and receive an aerial class pass to use during the training month (April 2021) for a savings of 1.500 SEK! 

* Payment plans available. 50% down payment to secure your spot *

Email for more information and how to reserve a place. Limited space available!

MODULE INFO: *new in 2021*

In 2021 we are offering two additional modules to our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training to help guide you on your journey to becoming a confident aerial yoga teacher. These modules are optional for yoga teachers holding a 200 hour certification, but are now required for those who wish to jump right into teaching at Yoga Roots! These topics are touched on in the 25 hour training, but we dive into detail in these two modules:

Module 1: Safe Sequencing (Half Day Training: 9:00 – 12:30)

In this half day session we will focus more in depth on safe sequencing aerial classes for beginners. We will focus on how to create a safe (and fun!) sequence for your aerial yoga classes. We will work from a general understanding of class sequencing and look into specific class goals and how to guide your students to prepare for those class themes. 

One of the most important things for a new aerial yoga teacher to learn is how to adjust your classes for all levels of students. Sequencing an aerial yoga class can be very different from other types of yoga, such as a vinyasa or hatha yoga class. Learning how to plan your classes in a safe and inclusive way can be an invaluable skill for a new aerial teacher! You can use the tools you learn in these modules no matter where in the world you choose to lead an aerial yoga practice to keep your students happy and engaged in your classes! 

We will specifically look at how to create a class to focus on common sequences:

  • Stretching and stabilizing the hips and pelvis
  • Preparing the spine for backbending and inversions
  • Beginner to intermediate inversions (with transitions!)
  • Flips & Tricks! How to incorporate more intermediate transitions and postures into your classes. 
Module 2: Leading with Confidence (Half Day Training: 13:30 – 17:00)

In this half day session we will focus on finding your voice and presence as a teacher. You will learn tips and techniques for teaching clearly, and communicating in a way to keep your students safe and confident in their aerial yoga practice. You will learn valuable tools in timing and tempo of leading an aerial class. You will gain an understanding of how to use the level and tone of voice in different parts of a class sequence to keep your students motivated and inspired. You will also be given homework with a virtual follow up with Bethany with feedback and tips for future growth. We will specifically practice and discuss:

  • The three basic types of instructions in an aerial class: 
    • verbal instructions – learn how to clearly communicate and use voice tone and level to lead your students.
    • visual adjustments – learn the best practices for teaching aerial with mirroring and demonstrating effectively. 
    • manual adjustments / hand-on assists – learn when adjustments are useful and when they are discouraged, and discuss specific postures that need safety assists.
  • Homework practice exercises – to be recorded and discussed in a one-on-one feedback session with Bethany