Pregnancy / Gravidyoga Courses

Pregnancy / Gravidyoga

Join us in the upcoming pregnancy yoga course!

*NEW* course starts in October

Daytime Course – Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:45, 12 October – 2 November

Each session is 75 minutes, which includes time to check in and connect to the other mothers, a uniquely themed yoga and mindfulness practice. Each class has a unique focus and theme, which really makes this course so special! After class a calming tea is served and a reflection task shared with the group. And for those wishing to take a moment to pause and connect with the community of mothers, this is a great chance to do so. Each course runs for 4 weeks, and there are two course options to choose from – evening and daytime. Classes are led in English.

About the course: The course is created to offer a chance to build a community of mothers, share in the experience of being pregnant, and learn valuable tools to use during pregnancy and labor. After the first class, the intention is to bring the awareness back into your physical body, to cultivate a sense of power and complete relaxation – from the outside in. Create a deeper connection to your body and breath, to the present moment, and, most importantly, to your Baby.

The course will go through physical yoga postures, mental techniques with meditation and mindfulness, and breath work to help support your body through the changes during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. The asana, or physical postures, help to build strength and stamina, improve circulation, regulate breathing, open energy channels and harmonize the triadic relationship and functioning of the body, mind and breath. As you stretch, you will learn to relax naturally, and begin to trust the innate wisdom within – making it easier to surrender into places that feel tight, or out of balance. For a mother-to-be, this surrender will prove invaluable from delivery day forward.

These classes can be taken during your entire pregnancy, but many women choose to start during their second trimester and continue practicing up to their due date. Each woman, and each pregnancy, is very different! It is important to listen to your body and what feels best for you. Whether your focus is on building strength and confidence, or relaxation and meditation, you can find the space to feel supported during each and every class.

This course is led by Bethany Kokaia, a registered prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, EYRT 200 registered teacher, co-owner of Yoga Roots and mother to a toddler, Elias. Since 2018, Bethany has worked with hundreds of women leading her popular pregnancy and mamma baby yoga programs in Malmö.

Why practice in the morning? 

Often during pregnancy there’s a tendency to rush through the days – accomplishing all the “to’dos” – which is great! But, it’s so common to get wrapped up in everything we must do so we often forget the importance of self-care when life gets this busy. By creating a morning yoga practice routine, you have the chance to start the day with a mindful awareness of yourself and your baby and take this awareness into your day, and into every action you take.

Daytime: Offering a daytime course has been long awaited and requested! If there is a time in a woman’s life to create space in your day to pause and reconnect to yourself – it’s this time during pregnancy. Taking the daytime course gives the option to start your day calm and connected. And for those with other kids at home – busy coordinating school pickups and dinner times – the daytime course is a great fit. 

The details:

4 Week Course, 75 Minute Classes

Classes are led in English

Your investment: 1250 SEK for one 4 week course

Limited space available. If you have a question, you can reach Bethany directly by email or fill out the contact form below.

Note: Course can be taken in full, or partial with special request and when space permits.  Joining the full course, or multiple courses, is recommended! You can miss & makeup one session in a subsequent prenatal course when space is available. Cancellation to makeup the class must be communicated 24 hours before the class to be eligible to retake. No late cancellations, please.

**Due to COVID-19 we will also limit the use of shared items in the studio. For this course you need to bring your own yoga mat (can also be purchased via Yoga Roots), and water bottle / tea cup.  Our no.1 priority is keeping all the moms healthy and happy, so any questions just ask!**

Do you have a question? Reach out to Bethany with the contact form below: