**Small group prenatal & mamma baby yoga classes are BACK! Read below on how to join us, or if you prefer to practice with us from home, check out our prenatal yoga online program here**

SPRING 2021 – small group starts 20th (mamma baby) and 24th (prenatal) January 2020, info below. *EMAIL FOR REGISTRATION*

Prenatal / Gravid Yoga

Join us in the upcoming prenatal yoga course!

The course is created to offer a chance to build a community of mothers, share in the experience of being pregnant, and learn valuable tools to use during pregnancy and labor. After the first class, the intention is to bring the awareness back into your physical body, to cultivate a sense of power and complete relaxation – from the outside in. Create a deeper connection to your body and breath, to the present moment, and, most importantly, to your Baby.

The course will go through physical yoga postures, mental techniques with meditation and mindfulness, and breath work to help support your body through the changes during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. The asana, or physical postures, help to build strength and stamina, improve circulation, regulate breathing, open energy channels and harmonize the triadic relationship and functioning of the body, mind and breath. As you stretch, you will learn to relax naturally, and begin to trust the innate wisdom within – making it easier to surrender into places that feel tight, or out of balance. For a mother-to-be, this surrender will prove invaluable from delivery day forward.

This course is led by Bethany Kokaia, a registered prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, EYRT 200 registered teacher, co-founder of Yoga Roots and mother to (almost) one year old, Elias.

Each course is 5 weeks long, and classes are 90 minutes.

2021 Course Info:
5 Weeks, 90 Minute Classes
Sundays @ 9:00 – 10:30
Your investment: 1250:- kr

**Due to COVID-19 class sizes will be kept small to maintain a comfortable distance between us. We will also limit the use of shared items in the studio. For this course you need to bring your own yoga mat (can be purchased via Yoga Roots), and water bottle / tea cup. You will be able to store these items at the studio during the course, but our no.1 priority is keeping all the moms healthy and happy!*

Upcoming Course Dates 2021:

Course 1: 24 January – 21 February

Course 2: 7 March – 11 April 2021 (no class Easter Sunday) *Note- Classes are held at NEW location at Nordenskiöldsgatan 14!

Email to reserve your place in the course!

Ongoing Classes: Prenatal Online here.

Note: Course can be taken in full, or as 3 sessions when needed. Full course is recommended! You can miss & makeup one session in a subsequent prenatal course when space is available. Cancellation to makeup the class must be communicated 24 hours before the class.
To reserve your place, or ask questions about the course, email Bethany at Limited space available!

Postnatal, Mamma Baby Yoga

Congratulations on welcoming your little one into the world! You did it! Now it is time to nurture yourself and create time for you and Baby. It is a great opportunity to ease your way back into movement and connection to your body after the birth of your baby. The classes are designed to help you connect to Baby, reconnect to yourself, and slowly find your way into stretching and strengthening your body. As a note – the class is focused on healing on all levels – emotional, mental, and physical – but will not be about losing weight or straining the body.

The classes include gentle yoga and massage for Baby so you can practice together, and also time just for you to practice and move with Baby close to you. The class focuses on stretching and strengthening postures, breathing and mediation techniques designed for postpartum women. Special attention in class is given to realigning your body – especially the shoulders, neck and back – resulting from carrying and nursing your baby. No yoga experience necessary, often women begin a yoga practice during pregnancy or postpartum. Classes are open for women 6-12 weeks after delivery, and you can attend up until Baby is crawling.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

  • Nurturing yourself
  • Connecting and bonding to Baby
  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Relieves stiffness in the shoulders, neck and back from carrying and breastfeeding Baby
  • Expands breathing
  • Community of other postpartum women
  • Provides emotional support and healing
  • Helps restore hormonal balance
  • Strengthening a focus on the pelvic floor
  • Rediscover your abdominal muscles and core strength
  • Whole body movements for stamina and strength
  • Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints

When to Join a Class / Course:

Many women are ready to begin a gentle practice 6-12 week after delivery. In general, it is recommended 6-8 weeks after vaginal birth, and 12 weeks after caesarean, but ultimately every woman is different, and it is up to you and your doctor when it is ok to begin.

Classes are designed with mom in focus, so classes are open for babies from 6-12 weeks up until crawling age – normally between 8-10 months of age. At this time, women start to notice how she’s chasing Baby around, rather than participating. Then it is time to join another class!

What to Bring to Class:

For Mom:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, with nursing bra or sports top to make breastfeeding convenient
  • Water bottle if needed, we have tea and water at the studio

For Baby:

  • Blanket for baby to lay on during class
  • Favourite toy(s) and soothers
  • Stroller lock & rain cover – (There is a space to lock the strollers outside, but please don’t bring your strollers into the studio).

Baby During Class:

Baby does not have to participate during the entire class. The class will start with gentle baby yoga and massage. After, you have the choice to involve baby in your yoga practice or let baby rest arm’s length away at the front of your mat.

Babies will make noises, cry and wiggle around – this is ok! The class is flexible to how the babies will be feeling each class. Sometimes baby will want to be fed or held for part of the class, other times babies are happy laying on their blanket. Feel free to do whatever you need to do during class – breastfeed, walk around the room, change a diaper. The important part is that you and Baby show up to class, open to whatever happens! Even a couple of minutes of movement is beneficial, you gain the most by being there, breathing and connecting with your baby.

Course Info:

Starting Wednesdays in January!

Wednesdays 10.00-11.00

20 January  – 17 February (5 week course) *Course postponed due to COVID. Email for updates here.


1250 SEK for 5 sessions

900 SEK for 3 sessions

*20% discount for repeat course, meaning you can continue for an additional 5 or 3 sessions for a discount! Online options available, email for pricing.

Please note that you can makeup one class in case of sickness. Please email / text Bethany 24 hours before class to cancel. Makeup session will be offered during subsequent course. 

The course is led by Bethany Kokaia, a registered prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, EYRT 200 registered teacher, founder of Yoga Roots and mamma to baby Elias (1.5 years old).