Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training


2022 DATES:

1 – 3 July

29 – 31 July

2 – 4 Sept

30 Sept – 2 Oct

21 – 23 Oct

Take on this life transforming journey by giving yourself this 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training. After completing the training, you become a certified instructor. 

This foundational teachers training contains 5 modules that stretch over 5 months, in order to give you the time and space for reflection, and that will allow the information and knowledge to sink in. Each module contains lectures as well as theoretical and practical assignments, practiced both individually and in groups. In between our modules you will have homework/readings and assignments that we will go through when we meet.

What to expect

You will undergo a solid training in Vinyasa Yoga and learn its philosophy and anatomy.

First and foremost the focus is to give you the confidence to teach, find your voice, and your unique style as a yoga teacher. You will learn everything from ”reading the room” to becoming confident in building your own sequences, both for your own practice and for your students.

While the need for yoga is growing in the world, there are also more and more trainings, and the competition to land a yoga job is steadily increasing. Get to know the yoga industry both nationally and internationally, in order to know how to stand out. Today it is becoming more important than ever to feel secure in the role as a teacher, own your skills, and to know your strengths.


Lina Lindahl is a full-time Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Flow Instructor, Reiki healer and studio owner. She has a way of bridging her love for movement with her passion of helping others. Her teaching reflect the numerous teachers she has had the opportunity to study under, to mention a few; Mimi Rieger, Angela Meyer, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Chruikshank, David Kyle and Gail Harris. The core of Lina’s teaching style lies in connecting the body, mind and spirit. Lina use her intuitive abilities to read the room and therefore tailors each yoga class according to the energy of the group and individuals that are there. She constantly pushes her students to take what they learn about themselves on the mat, off the mat. Expect to #pushyouredges in her classes and tap into your strength. Lina is known for her creative and playful sequences where you get to move through the whole body leaving the students feel a sense of bliss both within the body and the mind. She is the co-owner of Yoga Roots, read more about Lina here.


The training starts with a long weekend where you will get to know your classmates, and where we will go through the syllabus and structure for all upcoming weekends. You will also get an overall introduction to Vinyasa Flow, its foundations, the building blocks of classes and sequencing, as well as how Vinyasa Flow differs from other forms of yoga. We will do both theoretical and practical exercises together.

  • Structure of Training
  • Introduction to Vinyasa Flow
  • Practice vs Learning 



The second module is the most theoretical throughout the entire training. You will learn how you can practically apply the concepts both in your own practice and in your classes. During this long weekend, we set the foundation that you will then continue to build on, and we will do a deep dive into topics such as anatomy, philosophy, the energetic body, and meditation. There will be several well-known guest speakers from the yoga industry who are specialists in their particular areas. 

  • The Philosophy of Yoga
  • Anatomy
  • Energetic Body
  • Meditation



Learn everything about Vinyasa Yoga sequencing and how to put together a class for beginners, all levels, and advanced students. You will learn more complex forms of sequencing and how you can adjust your classes and offer alternatives, in order to cater students’ needs (such as injuries or other limitations). You will also gain knowledge regarding how to plan and put together workshops and retreats. Together we will have an asana clinic every afternoon, in order to learn about specific asanas /poses, their anatomy, and how to adjust, assist, and offer modifications.

  • The linear sequence
  • Classes for beginners/all levels/advanced students
  • Creative sequencing
  • Progressive sequencing
  • Block sequencing
  • Peak posture
  • Asana Clinic



What does it really mean to be a teacher? You will learn everything from how to “read the yoga room”, adapt your classes, what the most common questions from students are, and how to handle challenges in your role as a teacher. Above all, you will gain a lot of experience in teaching, finding your voice, and finding out what is unique about you as a teacher. You will go through a variety of exercises and assignments to challenge you to grow both in the yoga room and in life, all in order to make you feel as secure as possible to actually teach yoga, if you choose, after completing the training. You will also get insights into the yoga industry and how to apply for a job within the yoga field, how things differ nationally and internationally, and you will get tools on how to stand out on the market.

  • Finding your voice
  • Yoga on- and outside the mat
  • The art of teaching
  • The teacher role/ethics and personal development
  • Prevention of injuries and how we deal with injuries
  • Yoga as a business



The last weekend will end with the submission of all mandatory assignments, a written exam, and you will hold a class along with your classmates as a final practical exam. We will end the training with a ceremony where you will receive your yoga certificate.

** Please note that you have to be present at all course sessions, as well as submit all assignments in order to receive your certificate 

 Conditions to obtain the certificate 

  • Be present and participate in all course sessions
  • Passing grade of written exam
  • Passing grade of practical exam
  • Take 50 yoga classes 
  • Observe 3 yoga classes
  • Assist 3 yoga classes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the assignments, readings, and homework provided


28.500 SEK*
Payment can be split up over the length of the training.

Free Short Lecture (In Swedish)